Community Outreach (CORE)

Kaibigang Pilipin@'s Community Outreach to Realize Empowerment (KP CORE), as a student-initiated and student-run project, exists to provide underprivileged communities with the resources they need to access higher education. Through a unique structure and a critical approach, we attempt to address the academic and social struggles that prevent students from achieving success at their high schools and moving onto higher education. Moreover, we focus on the holistic development of the students, challenging them to become skilled and confident leaders in their own right to be prepared for the world after high school. We strive to help provide equal opportunities for all students and people regardless of identity or socioeconomic standing.



Since 1992, High School Conference has been an integral program to the San Diego area as it has consistently and strongly been KP’s effort to outreach to high school students and encourage them to pursue higher education. Moreover, KP has striven to incorporate other programs throughout the year to maintain communication with these high school students such as a Kuya/Ate/Ading mentorship program with Mt. Carmel High School. However, few of these programs took off as successfully as High School Conference and most of them failed to continue throughout the years.

With the passage of the PULSE Referendum in 2007, SPACES was created, which allocated $8,000 to the core SAAC organizations, including KP, for programming focusing on access work; thus, KP CORE was born. KP CORE was officially established in the 2007-2008 academic school year by Brent Cadavona (Chair), Aiza Arriola (Outreach Coordinator), and Keith Alminar. It was heavily modeled after UCLA’s Samahang Pilipino Advancing Community Empowerment (SPACE). In the 2009-2010 academic year, KP CORE gained access to work directly with Samuel F.B. Morse High School students, faculty, and administration.