Spring Quarter

Pilipin@ Cultural Celebration

Pilipin@ Cultural Celebration (PCC) is our main spring quarter event, and is a traditional event under ASUCSD. PCC’s purpose is to share the struggles and celebrations of our Pilipin@-American history and culture with the community through a theatrical presentation. In addition, PCC is a chance for all members of KP, whether active or inactive, to come together, build community, and participate in a beautiful production in solidarity. Originally titled Pilipino Cultural Night, PCC started in the 1991-1992 academic school year. The name has changed because we are not just celebrating one night of performance, but an entire journey of struggle, cultural discovery and expression.

Pilipin@ Awareness Week

Pilipin@ Awareness Week (PAW) seeks to bring people together to celebrate and discuss Pilipin@ and Pilipin@-American issues regarding activism, culture, and ourstory that have affected our people in the past, present, and future. Started in the 1999-2000 academic school year, PAW began as Pilipino Awareness Day during October, Filipino-American History month, and has naturally progressed from a day of reflection to a weeklong acknowledgment. PAW consists of three main events: Nooner (a celebration and presentation of Pilipin@ culture and talent), Tanghalian (a student, staff and faculty luncheon mixer), and Pinay Appreciation Dinner (a dinner to appreciate Pinays and allies); and workshops hosted by various community members.


Members of KP prepare for a fun night out to celebrate the end of the school year.

KAAmping, Hosted by KP STAR


College to Career Conference, Hosted by FCC


Pilipin@ Graduation (PGrad)

Pilipin@ Graduation is held at the end of the year for students graduating from UCSD. This is a smaller, more intimate celebration where we celebrate our Kuyas, Ates, Adings, and friends' success in higher education! This is also the place where, unlike the bigger college graduations, each one of the graduating students gets to speak and send a message out to loved ones.