Fall Quarter

Kumustahan Oryentasyon, Hosted by Kapwa Tao

An opportunity for incoming first year and transfer students whom identify as Pilipin@ or Pilipin@-American to connect with current Pilipin@-American students, staff, and faculty. The orientation seeks to build community amongst incoming and current students, inform them of the Filipino-American organizations on campus, connect them with staff and faculty, and provide them with resources on campus and in the local community.


Our inagural event hosted at the beginning of fall quarter over warm fires along La Jolla Shores! Bon(d)fire strives to connect students interested in joining KP with current members and alumni. The day is filled with fun games, delicious food, and new friends!

Friendship Games

Friendship Games, the largest student-run Filpin@-American event in the nation, is a highly anticipated gathering of over 6,000 individuals from over 30 colleges and universities across the nation that come together to play fun, friendly, and competitive picnic games. it is a day of unforgettable entertainment from morning to night with roll-call and cheer performances, a half-time show, and an after party. Friendship Games is hosted by CSU Fullerton’s PASA on the CSU Fullerton campus.

Shadow Day, Hosted by KP CORE

Shadow Days allow high school students throughout San Diego to follow the footsteps of a fellow college student at UCSD. This will allow them to physically contrast it to the high school life and understand the responsibilities and experience that come with higher education.


Magkasama is our main fall quarter event, and is a traditional event under ASUCSD. Meaning “Coming Together”, its original purpose was for Pilipin@-American students and allies from all over California to come together to learn and share their experiences in Pilipin@ and Pilipin@-American history, culture and the arts. Magkasama started in the 1998-1999 academic school year, and was originally entitled Pilipino History and Arts Celebration (PHAC). The program encompassed an exhibition of contemporary Pilipin@-American art, stage performers, vendors, and workshops on political and social issues in the Filipin@-American community. In 2009, Magkasama was transformed into a benefit showcase, in which we invite different up-and-coming artists to come together and showcase their talent in celebration of Asian-American history and art. The proceeds of the showcase will go to a community organization that best fits the mission of Kaibigang Pilipin@.

STAR Retreat, Hosted by KP STAR

A one-day retreat that allows participants to build connections with other students and create bonds with their graduating class. We host dialogues and workshops during the retreat that encourage critical thinking amongst students about Pilipin@s in higher education, emotional and personal well-being, healthy and supportive relationships, academic success, career and post-graduate planning. This retreat also involves the fall quarter Kuya/Ate/Ading revealing and Peer Counseling revealing for general body members.

Justice For Filipino-American Veterans Rally

In 1990, the Immigration and Nationality Act entitled Filipino veterans citizen eligibility, though still denied equal status as American Veterans. Since then, many bills to improve status and equity have been introduced, most of which have failed, and Filipino and Filipino-American Veterans are still fighting for equal benefits to that of their American compatriots. Every Veterans Day, Justice for Filipino American Veterans has mobilized with Southern California schools to march together in Historic Filipino Town in Los Angeles, in hopes of gaining awareness and momentum around equity legislation.

Kris Kringle

An annual gift exchange held at the end of the quarter to celebrate not only the holiday season, but also the closing of the first quarter of the academic year. This event brings the holiday spirit and cheer to the members of KP.