Kapwa Tao

KP is a member of Kapwa Tao, an umbrella coalition of four Pilipin@-American organizations on campus. The other three organizations are Kamalayan Kollective, KaBayanihan, and Pilipino Undergraduate Society for Health (PUSH).

Kamalayan Kollective

Kamalayan Kollective is a political, people-centered, feminist organization that seeks to raise critical consciousness. Kamalayan is a group of UCSD students and community members that aim to provide a progressive space for Pinays and allies. The personal as inherently political, and the political as deeply personal. Thus, Kamalayan seeks to empower and create change through acts of resistance and acts of love.


KaBayanihan traces its roots from humble beginnings within the Filipino language classes at UCSD. Students within the class fought and fundraised to keep the language classes from being cut from the school budget and to help it stay within the curriculum. KaBayanihan is based around the ideals of collective unity, community and heroism, remixed into an organization that is both fun and engaging at the same time.

Pilipino Undergraduate Society for Health

Pilipino Undergraduate Society for Health (PUSH) aims for the academic empowerment of Pilipin@ American students. PUSH strives to be an active presence through service, who establish networking opportunities and collaborations, and who promote education and awareness of health issues in order to productively direct ourselves towards future goals in health professions.