Cross-Cultural Center

In the mid-1990s, the shrinking numbers of students from under-represented groups and a national climate increasingly hostile to people of color strained race relations on campus. A coalition of student of color organizations (including KP) and other concerned students, staff, and faculty began to insist more forcefully on the need for a Cross-Cultural Center. After town meetings and demonstrations, a task force/Chancellor steering committee was formed and the Cross-Cultural Center officially opened in 1995.

The UCSD Cross-Cultural Center is dedicated to supporting the needs of UCSD’s diverse student, staff and faculty communities. Our mission is to create a learning environment in which the entire campus community feels welcome. Within this charge, and in collaboration with existing campus programs, the Cross-Cultural Center’s priority is to:

  1. Facilitate the academic, professional and personal development of students, staff and faculty who are members of historically under-represented groups.
  2. Provide programs and services to foster discussions on issues related to the creation of a multi-ethnic, culturally conscious university.

The Affiliate Program is designed to develop more collaborative and long-lasting relationships with groups, departments, and organizations who share our mission and philosophy. We aim to connect with our affiliates and to provide them with resources around their social justice efforts. Some benefits of affiliating include priority room reservations, increased co-sponsorship funding opportunities, advertising through CCC media, and trainings from our Diversity Peer Educators.